Sash Window Sound Proofing London

Sash Window Draught Proofing London
May 31, 2017
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Sash Window Sound Proofing London

Sash window sound proofing London services involves the use of a sash window draught proofing system, uprated glazing, and normally double glazed units. This isn’t always the case however because some windows are uprated simply by installing thicker glass. This is not as effective as double glazing for sash window sound proofing in London, but the sashes may not be thick enough to carry a full double glazed unit and then the next best thing is an acoustic glass from Pilkington.

A close look at a typical sash window sound proofing London install will reveal two things, firstly the draught proofing as already pointed out, secondly, double glazing original sash windows. In most circumstances it’s going to be possible to install a double glazed unit into the original sash window. This saves time, money, and the environment as there is no need to make new windows which of course costs more trees. We never really think about the true cost of new timber sash windows as they are from a renewable source. But what about the carbon emissions from chopping down new trees? The purposing those trees into sash windows, and then the Van drives to site, making carbon and then the installation itself requires a lot of electric, which sadly still has it’s roots as carbon emissions. And that said it’s easily forgotten that hardwood has been decimated. You can hardly call Old English Oak renewable can you? Finding genuine hardwood in the UK is now almost impossible unless your extremely wealthy. That means quality wood is far more scarce than fossil fuels. Food for thought indeed! So anyway back onto my point. Every time we make a new window we need to chop down at least three trees. Now that’s fine they will grow back but why chop them down to make new windows when the original joinery can be repurposed for sash window sound proofing London. It would be a massive waste of resources to not at least consider it first?

So double glazing original sash windows is relatively straight forward to do. Most DIY experts can do this, as well as general carpenters. We need to remove the old glass and then neatly cut out the old putty ready to run a router through. Please note you must rmeove the old putty because it will dull the router bit that costs nearly £100 alone in a matter of a few sashes. This is terrible value for money. It’s quite fortunate that the blades can be sharpened and replaced, otherwise it would be a serious contributing factor in the price of this operation!

Once the sash has been routed out the corners that the router bit miss need chopping in square. Be sure to clean these corners up neatly because its very likely you’ll break a unit on a lump of timber. I have seen this dozens of time from inexperienced carpenters and enthusiasts. Once this is done you’ll offer the unit in bedded on silicone, the units will need to be pre ordered as it will take at least a week to arrive. Once offered in a neat glazing bead is installed externally to tidy up and act much the same way as putty does. The point of using a bead is it improves neatness as well as being sturdy and holding the glass in place straight away. That’s really important because the units heavy and can easily move.

Ok your set to rebuild your windows and with a draught proofing system you have sound proof sash windows London!

Just one more point to add, if the windows are old which is very likely. You may need to wedge and glue the mortice and tenons again as they may wobble and become loose in the machining stage. You must do this or you risk the glass becoming the only thing providing the sash with structural strength and this is not appropriate or correct for any installation, in fact over the years it can become quite dangerous.

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