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May 31, 2017
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Sash Window Repairs London

I’ve seen some pretty impressive skills when it comes to sash window repairs London and I’ve seen some real horror installs. No one will get sash window repairs London right every time but there are a few basics that make for a quality install that will not only last, but also be structurally good.

Let’s take a look at the most typical sash window repairs London install – the sill section replacement. Now a sill can be replaced a number of ways. The most common installation I will call the cut and shut. It’s a nasty way of doing it but it is quick and it can produce OK results. If you called in city and guilds they would probably have a heart attack. It’s far from standard procedure, it’s not structurally correct and it will not last as long as the correct install.

sill section london

The thing is to a homeowner would you know any different. I have taken a picture directly off of a you tube video where the guys are actually exhibiting this stuff whilst they are in the process of draught proofing sash windows as well as the repairs! Just in case you are wondering, it is absolutely normal to carry out sash window repairs London whilst draught proofing. It is part of the overall package and cost effectively carried out together.

Back on track – I mean seriously it’s actually quite scary that only one person has commented on how poor the installation is. The scary thing about this is that it’s a showcase sill replacement. They’ve just removed the internal nosing, cut both ends of the sill straight off and then whacked another section inside the frame and held it all together with a bit of nosing and no doubt a couple of screws either end.

So what does this lead me to believe? Well what goes on when the camera isn’t rolling is the first question that springs to mind. I am not about to name and shame these guys by the way, and I have made every effort to conceal their identity as well because that’s not going to help anyone slinging mud around. Ok so how it should of been done. The stiles should of been removed and the sill cut into the stile. Then the stiles mechanically fixed to the sill, meaning before window nosing installed the sill is already structurally sound. I’ll attach a picture of the correct installation as well. Since it’s the right install I believe it’s only fair to credit the correct sash window repairs London installers.

When pointed out and looked at closely in the image it is quite clear to see the difference between the two installs. One is sound the other isn’t however to someone that is not trained and has little or no experience of sash windows then you get a company that looks pretty legitimate videoing themselves making these botch ups, then how on Earth would you begin to know that it is a problem. Well the truth is it will not be a problem. Not for many years. The repair itself will almost certainly last because the internal fixings are holding it all together. Because the fixings are internal they are unlikely to rust or rot and therefore no reason to believe it won’t hold up.

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