Carbon Planning

July 1, 2017
carbon offset

Carbon Offset

A carbon offset is a reducing the amount of emissions of CO2 made by business or commercial activities by planting of trees or greenery or some type of carbon offsetting in another area. It is an attempt to reduce the carbon footprint of a business or individual. The easiest way to effectively […]
June 20, 2017

Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint What exactly is Carbon Footprint? As a concept in environmental management and safe-keeping of the ecosystem, Carbon footprint is generally used to describe the total set of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions produced by a specific activity caused by an individual, event, product or organisation. Greenhouse gases include carbon […]
June 13, 2017

Sash Window Repairs London

I’ve seen some pretty impressive skills when it comes to sash window repairs London and I’ve seen some real horror installs. No one will get sash window repairs London right every time but there are a few basics that make for a quality install that will not only last, but […]
May 31, 2017

Sash Window Draught Proofing London

Sash window draught proofing London does not need to be expensive or time consuming. The typical cost for a sash window draught proof in London is £200 to £250 per window. This will include the full service of taking the windows apart, making the weights balance with the sash(so that […]