Carbon Planning
Consultancy in
London and Kent

Measuring, monitoring and reporting on the carbon impacts of new buildings.

Carbon Planning is an innovative web-based service, which allows planning authorities and developers to demonstrate and verify compliance with climate change polices.
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Welcome to Carbon Planning

We are always trying to develop new methods to reduce our carbon footprint to zero through technology and awareness. It is absolutely vital that we have the support of the general public as we are so close to a further two degree increase in global warming which be absolutely catastrophic for low laying land areas. We must act now and act together. The simplest way we can go about making change is using a simple application and planner to monitor our carbon emissions and offsets.

Sustainable Planning Tools

Carbon Planning links together planners and developers, providing them with tools for compliance checking, tracking, reporting and managing the flow of information between them.

Thameswey Sustainable Communities has also developed an online Sustainability Checklist tool for the developer and planning officer to assess various sustainability objectives. Thameswey Sustainable Communities is a part of the Thameswey Group, for more information please visit the Thameswey Group website.

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Carbon Planning – Now free to use

We have now removed the £35 fee for using Carbon Planning. Therefore the system will be free for applicants to use. This is based on where the applicant enters their own data for an Energy Statement. Once completed the online Energy Statement, a PDF output report of the results can be downloaded and saved for record and the online version can be sent off to the local authority to show compliance with their energy and carbon policies. Where an applicant wants to use the Carbon Planning calculator to calculate out the developments energy consumption and renewable data the same fees will continue to apply.

Please click here for the latest fee breakdown for using the Carbon Planning calculator.

Carbon Planning to go live in Yorkshire and Humberside

From 8th May 2017, Carbon Planning will go live across local planning authorities in Yorkshire and Humberside.

In a phased roll out, it will begin with 6 local planning authorities including Sheffield, Wakefield, Doncaster, Scarborough, Hambleton and Richmondshire in the first tranche of the roll out. The second tranche of the roll out will be following shortly.

Funded by Yorkshire’s Climate Change Skills Fund, this is the largest single deployment of Carbon Planning and Yorkshire and Humberside will be the first area to benefit from the release of the latest version of Carbon Planning which includes the new facility for applicants to enable Carbon Planning to calculate out their developments energy consumption data and Low or Zero Carbon technologies generation figures.

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